JPhoto - Image gallery component for Joomla!

A Joomla! image gallery extension that works like a charm AND looks great!

Camera and Film

Automatic resizing of images!

Upload your image once - JPhoto automatically creates the 3 extra image sizes to fit your different gallery views.

Upload and edit multiple images

Save time by uploading your images with the user-friendly Flash uploader. It allows you to quickly upload multiple images at the same time edit multiple images when you upload them

Gallery plugin system

Take advantage of the powerful gallery plugin system! The plugin system allows developers to create unique gallery views using different javascript libraries. Plugins can also be applied to modules.

Customize, Customize, Customize!

Choose a display...

Choose between the default JPhoto display or switch between any of our JPhoto plugins to enable a completely new look!

...or create your own!

Developers, take advantage of Jphotos gallery plugin system and create your own layout.

Edit CSS directly from the backend

Easily modify JPhoto CSS directly from the component backend - No need to connect to your server


Build your gallery

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